Friday, February 15, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 2-16-2013

Since Bailey's been taking over my weekend laughs lately, I tried to catch more of what Tyler was saying this week. But, this made it really hard to choose just 5 laughs! So here are Tyler's top 5 and Bailey's top 5. Enjoy!

5.  Tyler is such a gentlemen  On the way back into the school from the bus lot he runs to the school so he can beat all of the teachers and then holds the door open for them. Every.Single.One.Of them.

4.  We're obsessed with superheros in this house. I was informed this week by Tyler that he "likes Batman. He's like a bat."

3.  Again with the superheros, I also found out that Tyler can climb walls like Spider-Man. According to him, "I can climb walls Mom. But I can't do it when people are looking because I don't want them to see me."

2.  Tyler got his hair cut this week and the lady scratched him a little on the side of his head. He came home with a band-aid on his scratch. I took it off of him later that night which he didn't want me to do. His reason, "Mom, my brain is going to fall out now!"

1.  Dad plays rough. He picked Tyler up and was throwing him around one morning and Tyler said "Dude, be careful. I'm fragile!"


5.  I was reading an Elmo book with Bailey one night. She had to kiss every page of the book.

4.  Bailey has now decided that she wants to use the potty when SHE wants to use the potty. Sunday she refused to get her diaper on and ran around the house for a few hours naked. At one point she sat on the potty on her own free will and went. A few hours later, she brought me a diaper, insisted that I put it on, and then stood in front of me and peed in her diaper.

3.   I like to save the marshmallows for last in my lucky charms. Bailey prefers to eat just the marshmallows  She came to me Sunday morning and asked for a bite of mine. I offered her some of the cereal pieces to which she turned her head and said no. Then I gave her a bite with a marshmallow that she gladly took. A few minutes later she came back for more but didn't look at what I gave her (which was all cereal pieces). Let's just say, I got spit on.

2.  Bailey says "no" to everything. I asked her a few questions one night that she answered predictably with all "no's". I then asked her if she ever says yes and she nodded her head and smiled.

1.  We took the kids to McDonald's for lunch for a treat. Bailey followed Tyler up the tubes for the first time ever. She got to the top of the playplace and wouldn't finish the trip up to the slide. Mommy had to climb in after her...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Aw, Tyler is so sweet!!

    I've had to go into the play areas too. I even did it when I was pregnant, almost got stuck once, lol!

  2. Haha- he likes to hold the door open for all of them! What a gentleman! Haha- Zane says no to everything to! It is cute though- most times:) LOL on #3. Very cute post!! Love it!

  3. Tyler sounds like a sweet kid!
    Bailey and Lily are a lot alike. Lily loves to kiss the pages of her books as we read!


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