Friday, February 15, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 2-16-2013

Since Bailey's been taking over my weekend laughs lately, I tried to catch more of what Tyler was saying this week. But, this made it really hard to choose just 5 laughs! So here are Tyler's top 5 and Bailey's top 5. Enjoy!

5.  Tyler is such a gentlemen  On the way back into the school from the bus lot he runs to the school so he can beat all of the teachers and then holds the door open for them. Every.Single.One.Of them.

4.  We're obsessed with superheros in this house. I was informed this week by Tyler that he "likes Batman. He's like a bat."

3.  Again with the superheros, I also found out that Tyler can climb walls like Spider-Man. According to him, "I can climb walls Mom. But I can't do it when people are looking because I don't want them to see me."

2.  Tyler got his hair cut this week and the lady scratched him a little on the side of his head. He came home with a band-aid on his scratch. I took it off of him later that night which he didn't want me to do. His reason, "Mom, my brain is going to fall out now!"

1.  Dad plays rough. He picked Tyler up and was throwing him around one morning and Tyler said "Dude, be careful. I'm fragile!"


5.  I was reading an Elmo book with Bailey one night. She had to kiss every page of the book.

4.  Bailey has now decided that she wants to use the potty when SHE wants to use the potty. Sunday she refused to get her diaper on and ran around the house for a few hours naked. At one point she sat on the potty on her own free will and went. A few hours later, she brought me a diaper, insisted that I put it on, and then stood in front of me and peed in her diaper.

3.   I like to save the marshmallows for last in my lucky charms. Bailey prefers to eat just the marshmallows  She came to me Sunday morning and asked for a bite of mine. I offered her some of the cereal pieces to which she turned her head and said no. Then I gave her a bite with a marshmallow that she gladly took. A few minutes later she came back for more but didn't look at what I gave her (which was all cereal pieces). Let's just say, I got spit on.

2.  Bailey says "no" to everything. I asked her a few questions one night that she answered predictably with all "no's". I then asked her if she ever says yes and she nodded her head and smiled.

1.  We took the kids to McDonald's for lunch for a treat. Bailey followed Tyler up the tubes for the first time ever. She got to the top of the playplace and wouldn't finish the trip up to the slide. Mommy had to climb in after her...

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 2-9-2013

Toddlers are just too stinking cute! I'm going to have to pay more attention to Tyler next week because this week is ALL Bailey!

5.  Bailey took my spoon from me when we finished sharing some pudding for snack. I figured she was going to put it in the sink, but nope. Into the drawer it went and into the dishwasher went all of the spoons.

4.  Bailey learned the word 'pop' at 18 months (trying for that mom of the year award yet again!) even though she doesn't EVER get more than a sip and only when we are at a restaurant. Thankfully, she has decided the hugs 'juices' that Brandon picked up last week are her 'pops'. So cute to watch her walk around the house drinking out of those little plastic barrels saying "My pop, mine!"

3.  When I picked Bailey up from daycare this week they were changing one of the other toddler's diapers. Bailey took one look at him, plugged her nose and walked away.

2.  Daddy has a little shadow. Wherever he goes, she goes. Whatever he does, she does. (I secretly like it that way, please don't tell!) Right down to trash duty. He takes the bag out, she drags it to the front door. He gets out the new bag, she shakes it open. He puts it in the trash can, she has to pull the sides up. They have it down to a science.

1.  Bailey had just gotten out of the bathtub and was running around in her diaper. She stops mid stride, grunts, toots, and then proceeds to check out her handy work within her diaper.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 2-2-2013

5.  There is a new baby at daycare. When I went in the house to pick Bailey up on afternoon, she came running over to me saying 'baby, shhhhh!"

4.  Bailey is determined to grow up WAY too fast. She's decided this week that she is too big for sippy cups. When she spills a little water out of her 'big girl' cups she proudly announces "Cup pee Mommy, cup pee!"

3.  Bailey learned a new word last weekend, owie. It was cute, until Monday when she woke up sick. She spent the entire day complaining owie and pointing to random body parts. Her toes, her cheeks, her ears, her belly, a finger, her hair......

2.  Tyler didn't make honor roll this quarter because he of his writing. He hates anything that involves fine motor and always has. I was talking to him about the importance of using finger spaces in between his words. He told me he did use finger spaces. I said his teacher told me he didn't to which he responded "She must be blind because I use them!" When did he become a teenager?

1.  We have the best conversations when driving to school in the morning!
Tyler:  Mom, next time when we go to the beach can I bring a red crayon?
Me:  Why?
Tyler:  So I can draw a red X on the sand and find a buried treasure like the pirates do.
Me:  I don't think a crayon will write on the sand.
Tyler:  Well if it works on the sidewalk it should work on the sand.