Saturday, January 26, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 1-26-2012

5.  Bailey climbed on the couch one night and accidentally hit me in the head with her head. I rubbed my head and said ow. She apparently didn't want me to have attention because she took my hand off of my head, told me no, and then rubbed her own head and fake cried. 

4.  Going along with #5:  Bailey must have thought the accidental head butt was funny because she then purposefully head butted me another 20 times each time yelling at me for complaining that it hurt.

3.  We started potty training last weekend. The best parts of potty training, waving goodbye to the pee as mommy flushes it and slapping the foamy hand soap between your hands to watch it fly all over the bathroom.

2.  On day 2 of potty training, Bailey peed on the floor. She made sure we all knew it too, every few minutes or so for the rest of the day she had to walk over the spot touch it and say pee.

1.  Tyler was trying to convince Grandma to come and get him so he could spend the night at their house. She said she would but had to wait for Papa to get out of work because she didn't want to make the drive all by herself. His solution "Grandma, just bring Maya (the dog). She's your best friend!"


  1. LOVE the pee on the floor one! How cute are your kids

    1. I'm glad someone likes the pee on the floor! ;0)

  2. #5 and #2, too funny.


    She def does not want you to have attention for pain, just her!

    1. What is it with toddlers and needing to be the center of attention!?!

  3. Haha- Zane totally does something similar like #5. Haha- at least Bailey knew about pee! That is one step in the right direction. Aw- she's your best friend. Too cute!!!!


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