Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 8-10-2012

What a great last full week at home with the kids this has been. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have typed that since it brought tears to my eyes... Anyway, the kids defintally have made this summer wonderful and were plenty silly this week. I hope you enjoy our laughs!

5.  I went to get Bailey up from one of her naps this week and when I walked in this is what I found:
-Blankets - out
-All 4 pacifiers - out
-All 3 stuffed puppies - out
-Diaper - out
-Sheets - very wet
I guess I waited a little too long this time. :-)

4.  We are beginning a new reading program at school this year and I have been designated as my grade level's pilot teacher for the program. To prepare myself for this role, I have been very carefully reading and highlighting my resource book. Tyler watched me doing this one night and exclaimed "Mommy, why are you coloring in your book!?!"

3.  Tyler decided to build a "fire" in the living room, which was a large pile of toys. A little while later I told him he needed to clean up the mess and he responded by telling me that "it was Bailey's idea." Cause everyone knows that the 15 month old is capable of coming up with this!

2.  Tyler fell asleep on a bean bag chair watching cartoons one night and was snuggled up with one of his puppies. They are a security object that he is VERY attached too. They also cause a lot of arguments between him and Bailey. Bailey looked at him, gave him a hug, a kiss, took a puppy and ran as fast as she could!

1.  Tyler is (and has been for a while) convinced that Dad's truck is a transformer. He will tell you that it only transformers when your not looking and that it's head is under the hood. Brandon changed out the fuel filters in it this weekend and came back in covered in gunk. Tyler's response, "Daddy, did your transformer poop on you?"

Have a great weekend!


  1. Diaper out?! Oh nooooo! I've yet to experience this one, but I do not look forward to the day!

    1. This was a first for us here as well! She tries to get it off during the day ALL the time, but not usually during nap time. I am hoping that it's a sign she will potty train early....

  2. Haha, everything out is great! Except the wet sheets :)
    I love when my kids blame each other. That is a great one!

    Thanks for finding me on the blog hop, newest follower :)

  3. found you through Melissa`s link up...(new follower)

    I love how she stole his puppy while he was sleeping

    1. I don't know if she really knew he was sleeping, but loved how she first game him some loving as if to say "sorry for what I'm about to do!!" Thanks for stopping by!

  4. lol, these are great. Several of them sound like my toddler and 6 year old.

  5. LOL- When I wait too long with Zane's room- everything is out too. I can so relate! LOL- why are you coloring your books!! Haha blame it on Bailey. Smart kiddo though for coming up with that. Did your transformer poop on you- how awesome! LOL! I love your laughs!

  6. oh my gosh...I so remember those days...good to know your children are creative thinkers and can entertain themselves!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. My oldest is definially creative! He lives in his own little world.

  7. Too funny!! Your son sounds like an absolute riot - what a great little imagination he has!!!


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