Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 5 Sunday Laughs: Oops! :)

It's been a rough week filled with ups and downs. I'll update you on those later. For now, here are my slightly late laughs for the week.

5.  Tyler decided the TV and the stand it sits on needed a good cleaning. With the help of his trusty flashlight and an old sock, he dusted. Making sure to inspect each crack with the flashlight.

4.  Bailey finds her brother to be hillarious. Tyler spent an hour one evening pretending to fall off the couch while Bailey watched her brother and belly laughed. She then had to give the stunt an attempt herself.

3.  Tyler needs frequent reminding to get his teeth brushed in the morning but he has gotten pretty good at doing it himself. I sent him in to get them brushed and he came back a few minutes later. He told me that he figured out how to brush his teeth without his toothbrush and then demonstrated how to swished and scrubed with his tongue. His dentist would be so proud~NOT!

2.  My boy is obsessed with being a super hero. Unfortunitally though, he has figured out that he really isn't and asked me this week what he had to do to become a real hero.

1.  Bailey has decided that any boo boo needs to have a kiss. She found a scratch on my knee this week and kissed it several times every day. She then found one on Tyler and tried to kiss it. He quickly pulled it away and told her no, so she bite him.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. He cleaned the TV stand. Is he available for hire-lol! That is so cute the sibling love! Love it! Too funny with #3 as I am a dentist-lol!!! Oh no- she bit him-lol!!! Such cute laughs!


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