Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 7-14-2012

The house has been quiet the past 2 days. Tyler is spending some much needed time at Grandma's house so Bailey and I have been doing some bonding. Tyler did provide us with plenty of laughs before he left though!

5.  Tyler somehow scratched his forehead this past week. He noticed it in a mirror and announced that "I have super powers just like Harry Potter because I have an L on my forehead!"

4.  I forget what Brandon was doing but obviously Tyler didn't like it. He told him "Daddy if you're not nice I'm going to put you to bed!"

3.  Bailey has been into pointing at objects and oohing. It's really cute. She must have missed home a little while we were on vacation because when we came home she insisted that I carry her around the house while she pointed and oooohhhhed at all of her favorite things!

2.  This will once again make Tyler's dentist so proud. I asked him to go brush his teeth which he did. But after brushing his teeth he proceeded to tell me and demonstrate how he can brush his hair with his toothbrush too. He was so proud.

1.  Bailey is such a tomboy. She thinks it's hilarious when she toots or burps. But one night someone who can't be named because they would be mad if they knew I wrote this one down, tooted. Bailey looked right at him and wrinkled her nose.

Have a great weekend!


  1. So adorable! I love the part about Tyler telling his dad he's going to put him to bed. That is too funny. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad to hear you can relate! :) I'm following you now, and looking forward to reading more.
    -Laura from

  2. That is so cute that he said he has super powers from his mark! Kids say the darnest things! Haha- daddy I am going to put you to bed! Haha- the toothbrush has many uses! #1 is so funny! LOL!! Thanks for making me laugh!!!


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