Saturday, July 27, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 7-27-13

5.  My neighbor brought her kids outside to play with mine. We both brought our potty chairs outside since we are right in the middle of training our 2 year olds. Bailey insisted that her potty chair sit right next to D's and they sat, side-by-side, in the garage peeing together. :0)

4.  Tyler was watching TV on our bed and I went in to bug him. After a few minutes of tickling and messing with him he yells "Would you stop acting like a kid!"

3.  When she's being naughty, Bailey is often referred to by her full name, Bailey Ann. She now yells at everyone in the house when she's mad with 'Mommy Ann!' or 'Tyler Ann' and even 'Daddy Ann'.

2.  Tyler is in full on 'pick on my sister all day cause it's funny when she screams' mode. He'll do ANYTHING to make her mad. From sitting in her booster seat to touching her. It makes for a fabulous day!

1.  We can no longer ignore Bailey and her constant rambling. If your not paying attention, she'll climb on your lap, grab your face with her hands to make you listen, and go nose to nose with you as she talks.

Have a great weekend!


  1. bahahaha love the potty chairs! Eyan does the same thing. I am mommy Funk, Jason is Daddy of my favs! Great Laughs Carrie!

  2. These are all too funny, I can't pick a favorite. Good luck with number 2 though, I remember my brothers and I doing this to eachother as kids and we drove our mom nuts! Can't wait to hit that stage with mine...

    1. I may admit myself to the loony bin soon....


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