Friday, May 3, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 5-3-2013

5.  When Bailey was first born I couldn't wait for her talk, but not anymore. We now have And boy is she good at it! Right down to the oooooo's and the finger pointing!

4.  Tyler likes baseball. He isn't always thrilled with going and will complain on the way there. Bailey however, is eager every-time  She gets T's stuff together, get's her own baseball equipment and is out the door before I can even blink!

3.  Everyone said boys are easier. Why didn't I listen? At not quite 2 my stinker has already mastered sticking her tongue out at us when she is in trouble or we do something she doesn't like.

2.  On nice afternoons I like to take the kids outside to play when we get home from school. My lawn chair is buried in the garage still so I've been opening up the hatch in the van instead of standing. As it turns out, both kids would rather be in the back of the van than playing on the sidewalk. Go figure.

1.  I had a last minute thought on the way to school and swung into our local Harris Teeter for a special treat. They offer free cookies for their customers, even at 5:30 in the morning. Tyler was eating his in the van and says "Oh yuck mom! Some old lady without any teeth must have put my cookie in her mouth. It's all wet!" I turned around to see him say this with the most serious look. Which ended with a smile and an I tricked you!


  1. Oh girlfriend! My kids are constantly talking! I wished it and now I want a moment for them to be quiet-lol!!Haha- Zane is 50 million times harder than Hayley ever was! Could it be second kid syndrome! LOL #1!!!! So cute with the baseball!!xo

    1. The talking just seems to get worse as they get older too! My poor ears!!!


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