Monday, April 8, 2013

Pinterest Project #... Oh forget it!

So I made this silly resolution this year that I would accomplish at least 2 Pinterest projects each month. To date, I've accomplished well, umm 4? I blame the world. I wanted to make towels with hoods, but they weren't on sale. I wanted to make a wreath using a feather boa, but the dollar store is fresh out. I tried to create a wreath for Easter using rattan balls, again my dollar store stinks. Enough excuses already. I have done a few things at school and will take pictures to share, eventually. I promise to do better! (At choosing next years resolution. Just sayin'.) ;0)


  1. But waaait...I wanna see all of those projects, expecially the feather boa wreath. What about revising your resolution to 4 projects every 4 months?!?!

    1. HA! I wanted to see the feather boa wreath too! Maybe next winter???


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