Monday, April 15, 2013

Pinterest Project #4

I'm obsessed. I'm completely and totally obsessed. With what you ask? With those super cute neon socks that are so popular with the the tweens and teens. So what's an adult to do? That's right, live through their children! Sorry Bailey, like it our not you're stuck wearing the socks that mommy is too old for! The down fall, the cute neon socks that I found at our local Walmart don't have the non-slip grippers on the bottoms of them. No good when you're talking about an overactive, top-heavy, uncoordinated  toddler. So I checked in with Pinterest and duh, put a little puffy paint on the bottom and voila! Non-slip cute socks!

So I tried to get a little fancy with the puffy paint, talented I am not. Bailey doesn't mind that they don't look so great on the bottom though, she's just glad she doesn't fall flat on her face as she runs full tilt through the kitchen!


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