Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 1-19-2013

5.  Checking out at the store takes FOREVER right now. Bailey has to hand each item directly to the cashier and say "Here you go!" every time. It's a good thing she's cute and I usually only take her to fun girly stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's where they appreciate cute toddlers!

4.  If you come to my house be on full alert! If Bailey isn't attacking your toes (see last weeks post) she's identifying your body parts. And by identifying I really mean sticking her finger in your eye, up your nose, in your ear or pulling your hair all while excitedly squealing what it is she is touching.

3.  We got an early start on the tantrum throwing, they began at 4 months. Now, at 20 months we have pretty well mastered them. The latest, the running man. Pick Bailey up when she doesn't want to be picked up and she will immediately begin running through the air.

2.  I woke up last Sunday coughing. Tyler came bursting through the door, ran to my side and put his hand on my forehead. He then told Daddy "I think she has a fever. She needs Tylenol!"

1.  I got peed on. Yup, that's right and not by the toddler either. I was sitting on the edge of the bathtub getting the water ready when Tyler burst in to go to the bathroom. Apparently watching mom check the water temperature is much more important than aiming... Come on kid, you're almost 6!


  1. I know all about the identifying body parts phase, my husband taught our daughter nipple, totally unnecessary at 22 months, gah! Running man, gotta love it, V does the "plop" if we want her to come with us and she doesn't she will just plop right down and scream.

    1. Oh my! We haven't gotten that brave with our body part naming yet. The plop is just as successful in this household!

  2. AHAHAHAH!!! #6 is hilarious!! Well, according to my nephews, the aim thing doesn't get any better in junior high either.

  3. That is so funny with B because H does the same thing. HAHA- it takes so long but it is cute! Haha- so cute, T was worried about you! Oh peed on- that is a regular thing around here. Cute laughs! I needed this today!

  4. I can relate to #4! Lily does the same.
    #2 is so cute!


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