Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 12-29-12

This has been a wonderful week of spending quality time with my kids!
5.  Bailey has fallen in love with my light up snowman. She kisses him goodnight every night and every morning drags one of us over to him to plug him in.
4.  I searched for 4 months and in 3 different states to find a blonde hair, blue eyed Cabbage Patch baby doll. I gave up and bought Bailey a few other things instead. By change, Tyler and I were in a local Target and they had 2 of them, but of course I couldn't buy it because he was with me. I went back a few days later and managed to snag the last one. I was glad I did! Here's her reaction:
"Oh Wow!"
This doll NEVER leaves her side!
3.  Tyler tied a blanket around his neck and played super hero.
2.  Bailey stunk. I grabbed a diaper and the box of wipes and sat on the floor to change her. She grabbed both of them from me ran to Grandma (who HATES to change diapers), put them in her lap and layed down on the floor in front of her. I didn't complain!
1.  Bailey:  "Ewwwww!"
Me or Brandon or Tyler:  "What's ewwww?"
Bailey:  Grunts and farts or poops. Then laughs.
I could have sworn the doctor told me she was a girl....
Happy New Year!


  1. Ha! I love it. Bailey is hilarious, and I can't wait until Liam starts playing super hero.

  2. LOL Do not let the girl parts fool you. They are just as gross as boys when it comes to farting and pooping ;)

    Hope you have a great new years as well!!

    1. I am beginning to realize this! Or is it because my girl and your girl both have older brothers to copy? Either way, she has been one yucky little girl lately!

  3. Haha- Hayley has a nightlight that she loves too! So cute!I love that she loves her doll so much! What a cutie!What a cutie Tyler is too! How handsome he is! Love #1! happy New Year my friend!!!

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family as well!!


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