Friday, November 9, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 11-9-12

What a week! Tyler has (had?) some sort of virus this week that I'm praying doesn't make it's way through the rest of us! Thankfully Brandon's job is more flexible than mine so he stayed home with him the first day (during the worst of it!) and I stayed home on day 2. There wasn't too much laughing going on this week....
5.  Bailey has a doll stroller that she firmly believes she belongs in. Once she's in (or on it) she then screams to be rescued. And repeat...
4.  Our neighborhood installed some fantastic (insert sarcastic voice here) speed bumps a few weeks ago. They repaired one of them but haven't had a chance to paint it the same color as the rest of them. Tyler noticed this and said "Hey mom, the speed bumps are changing color because the trees are changing color!"
3.  Bailey was being herself a monster in the mall and threw her paci down on the floor about a hundred times. Brandon finally got tired of it and put it in his pocket. As we were walking through another store, she began screaming hysterically and pointing at a little girl. That little girl, had the exact same paci as Bailey. Bailey was quite surprised when Daddy gave it back to her and she realized there were 2 of them!
2.  Bailey wanted some grapes with dinner so I cut some up and gave them to her. She then looked at the grapes that were on my plate and began trying to put hers back together. They must not taste as good when cut in half???
1.  Tyler has had a wicked cough as well as a fever. Fearing Bronchitis I asked him if he was coughing up anything. He said yes, so I asked him to spit it out next time so I could see what it looked like. He coughed 2 seconds later and proceeded to spit on the carpet. Not quite what I was looking for kid...
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh no! I hope he feels better! Poor baby! I love that you still found your laughs despite your tough week! I hope this week is much better!
    Haha Bailey sound a lot like Hayley at that age with her baby stroller. It was her stroller and she was adamant about it! haha I love his response to the speed bumps changing color! Too funny! Haha- I like how you crossed out herself- I always say the same about Zane being a monster 24.7-lol! That is so funny with the same pacifier. Very cute. Oh no, spit on the market!

    *I think you might have not added the link to the link up. I always check your site so I saw it anyway but I am not sure it is there or I am just tired an totally missing it. Could definitely be that*

    Have a good rest of the weekend!

    1. The 4th time is a charm! For somereason it kept telling me that it was submitted but would never show up on your list. If it suddenly pops up 4 times, I appologyze!

  2. Oh its the worst when the little ones are sick! I hope it doesn't go through the rest of you too! #4 is so cute - how insightful :-) Cupcakes tries to put her "broken"foods back together too. :-)

  3. I'm glad to hear he was sick and hope the rest of you are all avoiding it! I am laughing over the doll stroller and the grapes--we have the exact same situations at our house and I just don't get it ;)


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