Friday, August 3, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 8-4-2012

I've been trying to stay busy all week to keep my mind from wondering off and realizing just how soon school will be starting. Of course it doesn't help that I've been buying school supplies for Tyler to begin his year at Kindergarten..... This week we've been camping, went to 2 different parks, and had some friends over. I hope you've had a fantastic week as well!

5.  We took a nice drive through the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway while we were camping. Our conversation went like this:
Tyler:  "Mom, are there bears in these woods?"
Me:  "Yes."
Tyler:  "But I don't like bears Mom."
Me:  "Why not?"
Tyler:  "Well, I only like talking bears."
I guess that discussion we had last week about what tells you if an animal is real or pretend actually stuck!

4.  Tyler found an old key ring that had a small flash light attached to it. On a trip to the store I hear Tyler say "Mom, are my eyes glowing?" I look in the mirror to see him pointing the flashlight into his ear. When I said that it wasn't working, he moved it into his mouth.

3.  We took a hike up to a small waterfall with the kids. When we arrived at the waterfall, Tyler asked if he could put his feet in the water. Of course we told him yes but before I could get the rest of the sentence out he jumped in, shoes and all!

2.  We picked up some cherries this week which Ty LOVES! He was eating a bowl this morning and yells "Hey Mom! This one doesn't have a pick in it. I guess it really wanted me to eat it!"

1.  Bailey has figured out what a question is. When you ask her a familiar question like "Do you want to eat?" she'll answer and run to her highchair. But when asked an unfamiliar question, she responds every time with a great big toothy smile and a nod of the head. My goal this weekend, to record it!

Have a great weekend!! :-)


  1. I love the waterfall laugh, you need to start your responses Take your shoes off and then you can :)The logic on the flashlight idea is fantastic. Those second kids totally give us a run for our money!!

    1. I didn't believe everyone when they said that the 2nd child is more difficult or that girls are harder than boys. Wow was I wrong!

  2. Haha- I only like talking bears. That is hysterical! You must record #1- that is too funny! Tyler must have been hot. Your family is so cute. I love reading your laughs! THanks for making me smile:)


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