Saturday, June 23, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

5.  I found a cute set of stacking cups at Ikea and bought them for Bailey since Tyler has lost half of the cups for his set over the years. I stacked them up and of course she knocked them down. She then picked up one of the cups and ran over to the fridge trying to get water from the dispenser.

4.  My niece was riding her bike at my house. Her mom had been trying to get her to take her training wheels off for a couple of weeks. As she was going around our circle, one of them fell off and she didn't notice. She proceeded to ride her bike around the street for several minutes before figuring out that it was missing! Needless to say, she is riding her bike with no training wheels now.

3.  We took our kids to the Dan Nicolas Park this week. I posted about a previous trip there in April. They have a donkey in the petting zoo that can be very ornery (on our last trip we watched him bite a little girl). Tyler walked over to his pen and said "Come here buddy. Don't you remember me? I'm your best friend." The donkey didn't move.

2.  Bailey got a new pair of sandals for her birthday courtesy of her Aunt. The big kids were all playing outside and Bailey must have wanted to go to because she brought her sandals to me, threw them on my lap and pointed at the door.

1.  Brandon was in the kitchen making snow cones for the kids Friday night. Tyler walked in and went to grab his flip flops so he could go outside. We hear from the other room "Oh no Dad! The pirate on my flip flop is melting!" To which Dad replied with "No it's not, it's a piece of ice that I dropped."

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  1. Haha- you got to laugh at her trying to fill her water up in her cup. Smart Bailey! Yah for no training wheels- the best way, never to realize you are missing them! That is so cute that he wanted the donkey to come over. LOL #1- SO cute!! Love your laughs. Hope you are having a great weekend!


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