Saturday, June 9, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs! 6-9-12

1.  My son is obsessed with Spider-Man and has been for a couple of years now. He even has a Spider-Man muscle costume from Halloween 2 years ago, which he will often try to squeeze himself back into. Last Saturday, he decided to run around the house all day as Spider-Man. I over hear him getting very angry at Bailey and telling her to hold still. She then enters the living room with the biggest grin on her face and the Spider-Man hat on! I tried to get a picture, but she's too quick.
2.  No one felt like cooking one night this week so we ordered a pizza from Hungry Howie's. Tyler took one bite of it and said he didn't like this pizza because he only likes Papa Johns pizza. Brandon quickly responded by telling him this is Papa Johns pizza. Tyler smiled and finished off 2 pieces. I'm not sure what we are going to do next year when he learns how to read.....

3.  My mom has always told me what a terrible crib chewer I was. Tyler left a couple of marks on his crib, but nothing major. Bailey is obviously has a little more of her mother in her as she is quite the beaver. I heard her crying one morning but decided to wait a minute to see if she would lay back down. When I went in to get her, her face was covered in white paint chips!

4.  Tyler turned 5 on Wednesday. This was a BIG birthday for him. His dad woke him up Wednesday morning as usual while I finished getting ready for the day. This is how the conversation went:
              Tyler whispers:  "Dad, I grew last night."
              Dad:  "You did?"
              He then brings him into our bedroom to say good morning to me.
              Me:  "Tyler, did you grow?"
              Tyler:  Smiles, "Yeah, look at my arm!"
It's amazing what they think a birthday means at this age!

5.  Tyler got Planet 51 for his birthday and watched it with me last night. At one point her was mad at the aliens for being mean to the astronaut. He looked at me and said "If they aren't nice to him I'm going to say a naughty word. I'm going to tell them to hush their mouths." Boy am I glad that "hush their mouths" was the naughty word he was thinking of!


  1. I love the spider man costumes! So so funny!! Bailey the Beaver - your poor crib doesn't stand a chance since she's a determined little girl. I love the birthday one, so sweet and exciting. Happy Birthday to Tyler!!

  2. He is so cute going around pretending to be spider man! So funny! That is funny with him saying his arm grew. Happy bday Tyler! Papa Johns pizza is the bomb- I wish we had one closer! Oh no- you def have a crib chewer. Very cute laughs!!

  3. Hush your mouth. What a pottymouth!!! I was so afraid of Spiderman as a kid, I could not watch 321 Contact because there was always a little Spiderman portion. Glad your kids don't see him and run in fear! Found you at Saturday Laughs!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! There are no fears of Spiderman in this house. We watch all 3 movies at least once a week!


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