Saturday, June 2, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs: 6-2-2012

It's been a very entertaining week!

1.  On Monday, I told Tyler to go upstairs and get a clean pair of underwear for the day. He went upstairs and while coming down I asked if he had found some. He replied with "Yup, see?"  I turned to find him coming downstairs like this:

I then proceeded to ask if they were actually clean which prompted him to shove them in my face and say "Yup, smell them."

2.  We took the kids to the park on Sunday for a little family fun. Bailey decided that the wood chips weren't for her and refused to get off of the pavement. Here she is thinking about taking a step into them. She quickly changed her mind.

3.  I love when babies start to develop a sense of humor. This week, I put a bowl on top of Bailey's head. She then smiled and laughed hysterically.

4.  We bought Tyler a water baby for Christmas the year I was pregnant with Bailey so he would have his own baby to take care of when his sister came home from the hospital. Water baby never received much love from him, but Bailey sure has taken it over. This doll weighs a ton since it is full of water and is almost as tall as Bailey. Bailey spent 20 minutes one night this week wrapping the baby up in a blanket and trying to carry it around. Every time it dropped (which was every 4 or 5 steps), she'd re-wrap it and try it again. I never thought girls would be so much fun!

5.  Brandon taught Tyler a couple of years ago how to blow raspberries on my stomach which he will still do on occasion. Apparently this tradition is getting passed down yet again. Now, every time I lay on the floor Bailey will run over, lift my shirt, and begin slobbering all over my stomach in an attempt to make the silly noise. The smile on her face when she gets it to work is priceless!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the sillyness that is my family!

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  1. Haha- look at him with his underwear on his head- a new look? LOL! Isn't it is the best when the develop sense of humor and start laughing. I love #5- SO cute!!!


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