Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 5 Saturday Laughs

I think Tyler knows that I am writing down the funny things he is saying and doing. He was on a roll this week!

1.  Last Sunday Tyler asked to go out into the backyard to play with the dogs. When I went to check on him, this is what I found him doing:

2.  Going along with number 1, about 20 minutes after going outside to play, we hear Tyler knocking on the slider door. Brandon opens the door to see what was wrong and I hear "I fell off the swing" along with hysterical laughter.

Boys will be boys. We had to spray him with the garden hose before he could come back inside!

3.  During dinner one night this week, I was talking to Brandon about work. Tyler begins clutching his stomach and moaning. Brandon asked him what was wrong and Tyler said "It's just that every time Mommy talks my stomach hurts." Thanks boy, thanks.

4.  For Mother's Day, Tyler and Brandon went to the garden store to buy a rose bush. When they brought it home Tyler told me it was the best smelling rose he could find. Except for a pink rose bush that Daddy wouldn't let him buy because it looked sick. Tyler told me he made dad take every bush out for him to smell because he wanted the "best one."

5.  Tyler wanted to go outside to play one night during the week. We told him he could but only if he cleaned up some of his toys first which he began to do. He would put a toy away and Bailey would take two more out. After about 10 minutes of this Tyler proceeded to tell his sister "That's it Bailey, you're ruining my life!"  And it starts already.....

As I said, Tyler has been on a roll lately!! It was hard choosing which of the crazy things that he has done to include this week.


  1. Funny stories... Following you from the hop! Love for you to follow back when you can.

  2. So cute. Boys will be boys- look at him- not a care in the world that he fell off the swings. Haha- I got to laugh at every time mom talks, I get a belly ache:) I love that he wanted to find you the best one. I love #5. Love your laughs. We do it every weekend so come link up again. Have a fantastic weekend!


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