Saturday, March 10, 2012

Growing Up

I am almost afraid to make this post. If I put it in writing it is almost guaranteed to change but here goes. I think my little princess might finally be outgrowing the don't put me down, don't sit down while holding me, don't walk out of the room without me, and screaming all day phase that she has been going through for well, her ENTIRE life. Anyone that has spent more then a few minutes with my little darling knows what a demanding child she is. I have gotten plenty of angry looks from complete strangers in stores while Bailey screams during our entire shopping trip as if I could stop her from doing so. But, during the last 2 weeks I have noticed less neediness and crying and more independence. Phew! What a relief for this over-stressed family. She has been playing more by herself and with her wonderful big brother. She is even letting us walk out of the room without her and with minimal complaints. My fingers are crossed that my little love bug continues on the upward trend. It sure would be a refreshing change to have a happy baby....

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